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Complete your ambient theatre experience with a mounted TV, giving your living areas that extra something all of your friends will want. From complex and complete smart home entertainment systems to single TV wall mounts, Brendan’s Audio Visual can service any TV wall mount installation requirement in your home or office. We offer secure installations with minimal invasiveness and no mess to clean up afterwards. We supply various mounted wall brackets that allow us to perfectly mount your TV anywhere in the room, even in the corners of rooms, for the tailored look you are after. We will also organise all of your cablings to be discreet and hidden away to maximise the minimalist and modern look
We can mount TVS on many different wall materials, including schist and stone walls, to create a professional, impressive finish to your chosen aesthetic.

Streamlined Entertainment

Making your TV part of the architecture

Brendan’s Audio Visual Services offers modern solutions for entertainment systems in architecturally designed homes of all sizes. Mounting your TV prevents the floor from feeling unnecessarily cluttered and instead creates a clean, elevated and luxurious viewing experience.

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Wondering if you’re close enough to us for TV Wall Mount Installation services? We can help customers in the following areas and locations:

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