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Transform the way you experience sound while you work, teach and learn

Immersive Sound
For Your

Offices, boardrooms, lecture halls, gyms – you name it, we can help! If your workplace needs an upgrade on your sound equipment, choose Brendan’s Audio Visual Services to boost the sound quality and functionality in your workplace today!

Equip Your Workplace

Over the years, we have designed & installed a number of AV systems for commercial properties, including:

  • Commercial offices
  • Recreation venues
  • Museums and galleries
  • Event venues
  • Conference rooms
  • Education Facilities

Bringing Functionality and Ease Into Your Workspace

Making life easier one click at a time

We will tailor equipment and controls to match your exact requirements.

To help you maximise the benefits of your newly installed AV system, we will teach you and your team how to use your new system as well as providing comprehensive aftersales support.

  • Manual and automatic projector screens
  • High resolution, high contrast screens for high ambient light conditions
  • Monitors
  • Control system
  • Sound systems (speakers, microphones, and media players)
  • Equipment racks and cabinets
  • Lighting control options

Bluesound is capable of distributing MP3 at 320KBPS, CD-quality at 1400KBPS and Studio quality master files at over 9000KBPS. That’s impressive sound! The system streams internet music, saves and stores all your CD collection, and downloads all your music files – just by turning it on and connecting it!


For the lovers of cutting-edge sound!

Brendan’s Audio Visual Services is the sole Bluesound distributor in the Manawatu-Wanganui region, a trusted brand we are proud to offer! Bluesound is the impressive HiFi solution to wireless multi-room, developed by PSB, who have a long pedigree in HiFi audio product development with products such as their PSB speakers, NAD amplifiers and more.

AV Solutions

Trust the experts to install your products

Brendan’s team offer a wide range of solutions to get your workplace systems up and running. Whether you have bought your products through us, or elsewhere, we can make sure everything is installed properly and looking tidy. With our trusted AV Solutions, you can expect our services to include:

  • Cutting-edge design and installation of commercial TV and theatre systems
  • Skilled technicians taking charge of every installation
  • A wide range of televisions and products to choose from
  • Cost-effective systems to suit every budget
  • Expert Digital/Freeview TV Aerial Installation
  • Wall-mounting of TVs
  • Supply and installation of stereos, media players, tuners, turntables and amplifiers
  • Cabling and wiring for discreet, modern looks
  • Complete aftersales service and customer care

Automation and Control

We install only the very best automation and control systems to help you simplify your environment. With only the click of a button, you can control virtually everything in your home or place of work and even set a schedule for some of your technologies to switch on and off at your convenience. Get control over your business with a custom automation and control system from us today!

Professional and Client Centred Service

With several years of experience in the field, our team delivers quality and professional service at all times. We aim for the highest level of customer satisfaction in every commercial AV installation project, big or small. We will work closely with you throughout the entire duration of your project to make sure your requirements are met. We use the latest technologies and concepts to ensure that you get a system that meets the needs of your business and employees with all the features you need, and none that you don’t. You are guaranteed to have our full support long after the project is completed!

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